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Can't go back- Rose  by Tokiogirl21 Can't go back- Rose :icontokiogirl21:Tokiogirl21 1 0 Supernatural sims- Sam's baby by Tokiogirl21 Supernatural sims- Sam's baby :icontokiogirl21:Tokiogirl21 2 0 Pie! by Tokiogirl21 Pie! :icontokiogirl21:Tokiogirl21 0 0 Wayward plushies by Tokiogirl21 Wayward plushies :icontokiogirl21:Tokiogirl21 0 0 Where's the pie? by Tokiogirl21 Where's the pie? :icontokiogirl21:Tokiogirl21 0 0 Supernatural Sims- ghost toddlers by Tokiogirl21 Supernatural Sims- ghost toddlers :icontokiogirl21:Tokiogirl21 0 0 Selfie with mini!Sammy by Tokiogirl21 Selfie with mini!Sammy :icontokiogirl21:Tokiogirl21 1 1
Rebirth- part 7
*Sam's POV* I was half asleep when I heard the sound of the impala pull in.
Castiel teleported himself back inside.
I knew it was him because he made a comment about the weather as he tried to dry himself off.
"Where's Dean?" I asked
"Outside. I offered to take Christina inside with me but he'd rather keep her with him." Cas said
I got up from where I was resting and ran outside.
*Dean's POV* The rain was really coming down now.
I should have taken Cas up on his offer instead of refusing. At least one of us would be out of this terrible weather.
I continued to unpack the items from the impala when Sam ran out of the bunker.
"There you are." He said
I turned to look at Sam as I tried to balance Tina and everything I bought.
"Hi." I said
"It's 1 am. Where did you go?" Sam asked
"The only store open at this hour." I said as I raised an eyebrow before I almost dropped some bags
Sam was quick to help me.
"Woah! Let me help you." He said as he caught a bag that almost fell on the muddy groun
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Do you have royal blood? by Tokiogirl21 Do you have royal blood? :icontokiogirl21:Tokiogirl21 0 0 Selfie with Plushie Dean by Tokiogirl21 Selfie with Plushie Dean :icontokiogirl21:Tokiogirl21 1 0
Rebirth- part 6
*Dean's POV* Later as Sam and Cas were talking to each other about what sounded like the events of Cas' absence, I snuck out to the Impala with Tina in my arms.
Since I was still wide awake, I thought I would go for a drive.
I know. A pretty stupid idea since I now have a kid.
But I couldn't just leave her alone.
As I backed out, I made sure to keep a hold on Tina to keep her from falling off the seat as she laid in the passenger seat next to me.
"Your uncle's gonna kill me for this, little girl." I said as I glanced down at Tina as she grasped my finger
"But both Sammy and Cas have to understand that I can't let you get hurt. Not after what I saw earlier tonight." I said " Of course, you won't have a clue about what any of this means until you're older."
*Sam's POV* "Dean?" I asked as I searched for my brother then, searched for my niece "Tina?"
Soon, Castiel walked into the room.
"The Impala is gone." He said
"Dean, you idiot! When I find you, I'll.." I ranted, upset that Dean would
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Rebirth- part 5
*Sam's POV* I was looking Dean and Tina over when I heard Castiel in the kitchen.
I stopped what I was doing and walked out to find him looking at the room Tina was murdered in earlier before being reborn.
"Where the hell have you been?" I asked
"Heaven. Why do you ask? I can see you two have been busy in my absence." Cas said pointing to the room
"Well yes..." I said
"Let me guess. The prophecy happened already? Christina died and she was reborn just now?" Cas asked
"Yeah." I said
Soon, Dean came out of the room while carrying Tina.
"Cas!" He said
"Hi!" Castiel said
"Where have you been? You missed out on this whole prophecy thing." Dean said
"Seriously? I go away to fight a battle in heaven and everyone is wondering where I've been?" Cas asked
"Yes!" Dean and I say in unison
"It's not that important now obviously. Since the prophecy happened without me." Castiel said
"Come on, Cas." Dean said as he held Tina close to his chest
"If it's any consolation to you, It wasn't easy without y
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Rebirth-part 4
Part 4:*Dean's POV* I hated seeing my daughter die.
Even though I only knew the kid for two weeks, I was attached to her.
I blamed myself for that.
However, Sam saw nothing wrong with that.
"Why did I have to get so attached?" I said
Sam laughed at me and said "You know, she is your daughter. You're supposed to feel like that."
I just groaned as my arm burned with pain again.
This time, it got worse as the mark glowed and burned.
"What's going on?! What's happening to me?!" I asked as I could feel myself going into demon form again
"I don't know. Just hold on. I have an idea." Sam said before grabbing a bottle of holy water on a nearby shelf
He threw it on me thinking that would help but I just spit it out and looked at him.
"What are you doing?! That's not going to help!" I said
"What do you want me to do?" Sam asked
Before I could answer, my arm burned again and I let out a terrible scream in agony.
Sam looked at me and became worried.
"Dean? What's wrong with your eyes?" He asked
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Rebirth- part three
Part three:*Tina's POV* I was so afraid of what could possibly happen to me.
I knew Crowley was about to kill me.
It was all part of the prophecy.
I just didn't think it would happen this soon.
I had to think of something to do to get help.
Knowing that my father and uncle were back at the abandoned house looking for me, I had to send them a message.
That's when I slowly slipped my wrists out of the ties around the chair and slipped my hands in my pocket when Crowley wasn't looking.
Then I pulled out my phone and sent a text to my uncle thinking that my father could now be in demon form after seeing me get kidnapped.
After I finished my message, I hit the 'send' button and hid my phone before Crowley turned and continued with his taunts.
*Sam's POV* Later as Dean and I looked for Tina, I got a text message on my phone.
"Uncle Sammy," it read "I'm at the bunker. Get here as fast as possible."
As I read the text, I looked over my shoulder to see Dean becoming more furious.
"Come on." I s
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Rebirth- part two
Part two:*Tina's POV* Later that night, I sat in the back of the Impala polishing a gun as I heard my father and uncle Sammy talk about the hunt at an abandoned house.
It always seemed to be an abandoned building where the demons liked to hang out.
"So, who is the demon this time?" I asked as I aimed the gun out the window
"Well, unless your dad goes full demon while we're out...It's not really anyone we know." Uncle Sammy said
I looked at my father in concern.
Of course, I knew about his demon side since Cas told me stories.
But I was worried that I would become like that one day because of the prophecy.
"Did you have to scare her?" my father finally asked looking at my uncle as he took the gun out of my hand
"I already know about your demon side, daddy." I said
"How?" My father asked as he looked back at me
"Castiel told me about it." I said
My father just nodded.
*Dean's POV* Later at the abandoned house, I thought about what Tina told me.
What if Cas was right about this prophecy t
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Rebirth- part one
Part one:*Dean's POV* It was all happening so fast.
And I just wasn't ready for it.
She just appeared in my life last week and claimed to be my future kid.
The trouble with that is, she's a little too much like me in the "getting caught up in wrong crowd" department.
I guess that makes her a perfect target for Crowley.
I'll be damned if he gets his hands on her! I made that mistake once and I can't let it happen again.
With Cas gone, it was just Sam and I left with her to figure out why she was here.
I finally came out of my room that night after reading up on an old relic Sam and I found at an abandoned theater when she looked at me.
"Daddy? Are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost." Tina said, calling me that word again for the umpteenth time today
I couldn't get mad at her for calling me that. After all, she was my kid. Just she wasn't supposed to be born yet. It was a little weird for me to see my future daughter as a 16-year old girl.
"I'm fine." I lied
I couldn't tell her
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Supernatural 12 Seasons by KamiDiox Supernatural 12 Seasons :iconkamidiox:KamiDiox 108 37 R'n'L - matching facebushes by Chocoreaper R'n'L - matching facebushes :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 95 26 RhettandLink: Link's new Stache by Chocoreaper RhettandLink: Link's new Stache :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 85 15 Harley Looking Cute by veronicavoigt Harley Looking Cute :iconveronicavoigt:veronicavoigt 2 0 Harley Handstand by veronicavoigt Harley Handstand :iconveronicavoigt:veronicavoigt 2 1 Harley Laughing by veronicavoigt Harley Laughing :iconveronicavoigt:veronicavoigt 2 0 Calling with my favorite by blueandscarlet Calling with my favorite :iconblueandscarlet:blueandscarlet 1 0 Knights at the Beach sketches by TheBlueFairy1940 Knights at the Beach sketches :iconthebluefairy1940:TheBlueFairy1940 5 51 DC VS Marvel Roller Derby: Harley Quinn/Mystique by kevinbolk DC VS Marvel Roller Derby: Harley Quinn/Mystique :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 756 29 KrAddie For SailorStephie by KarolaKH KrAddie For SailorStephie :iconkarolakh:KarolaKH 21 2 The Seven Mountains Mandate! by ArtNGame215 The Seven Mountains Mandate! :iconartngame215:ArtNGame215 37 24 Prince the Artist by michaelwhitejr Prince the Artist :iconmichaelwhitejr:michaelwhitejr 5 2 R'n'L - Get Off The Phone dance by Chocoreaper R'n'L - Get Off The Phone dance :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 67 21 Powerpuff Rhett 'n' Link by Chocoreaper Powerpuff Rhett 'n' Link :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 187 58 Family photo by Yohiri Family photo :iconyohiri:Yohiri 1,561 160 Powerpuff Rhett n Link: see-saw by Chocoreaper Powerpuff Rhett n Link: see-saw :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 91 20


Can't go back- Rose
So I'm back to playing with the collage app. This time, I made something for my Wincest fic, "Can't go back" on Wattpad which is an Mpreg fic.

So here is the "birth announcement" for Sam and Dean's baby, Rose.

And in case you were wondering, Sam is the pregnant one in this fic.😜
Supernatural sims- Sam's baby
Meet the newest addition to the Supernatural Sims household! Sam's baby girl (by adoption), Rose Winchester

As you can see, her nursery came from the Sims 4 exchange, so it was already made. The only thing I added was that little toy Impala on the dresser.
Plushie!Dean staring at a piece of cherry pie brought over by my downstairs neighbor who offered me a piece but I had to decline due to attending a meeting tonight.
Wayward plushies
Another selfie with both of my Winchester plushies. The only thing that would make this complete is having Castiel here but sadly he is no longer available in my area 😞 I was really counting on hot topic to have him but it looks like that isn't going to be the case.
Where's the pie?
I went on a Walmart run tonight and came back to put the groceries away when Dean was bugging me about pie.
I was in the middle of putting away one bag of groceries when I came back to Dean digging in this bag in search of pie. I think it's safe to say he was disappointed.


Stephanie Akridge
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Stephanie (I was SailorStephie for a while until my account was issues)
I love Tokio Hotel :iconglompsomethingplz::iconthplz: and drawing and writing and film.
I have a condition on the ASD (Autism) Spectrum called Asperger's Syndrome. I hope to educate others about Autism and AS.
So today Ashley Purdy closed his social media accounts. Why? Because some bad apples in the bvb army were talking shit about him. Now I care very much for Ashley so of course, this is going to upset me. I mean, i hate to see him upset and to see him this upset just tells me something is wrong. This is not the first time he's closed his accounts tho and I'm worried that now that he's closed his accounts a second time. It might be for good. All I ask is if you were among that group of fans talking about him on social media, please leave him alone.
embedded_item1441673161026 by Tokiogirl21


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